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Adventurous Yogitation Holidays – Focus on ‘experiences and motivations’

Traditional village in Leh, Ladakh
Traditional village in Leh, Ladakh

Sometimes it needs more holistic approach when you are delivering a traveling product while increasing the travel merchandise. It means that the real reason for opting any touring activity in thousands kilometers away from the home country for a stipulated time. Mostly a traveler consider him or her as an opportunity to explore a new culture what he or she perceived through the gathered information from various sources.

I have experienced that there is no clear definition for experience and adventures holidays. If I talk about our last women explorers from Utrecht, the netherlands. The group was most eccentric about the yoga, meditation in a different stage. The perfectly balanced activities and food was mostly appreciated by them. Travelers want a complete removal from their home life in search of something new. Whether it is luxury travel or adventurous travel, it depends upon the travellers. One more things what I experienced while organizing the adventure tours in India that the travellers are enthusiastic and energetic most of the time.

Really I could not understand why it happens so. The reason may be of immersion in new culture. Yogitation word is Yoga Plus Meditation & trekking activities in the remote villages of Leh, Ladakh. In the 9 days holiday, you will be at the utmost level of self healing and light mood. The ancient yoga and meditation technique keep you in the pace of increased metabolism at the cleaning state of mind & body.

Heritage an experience:

Rituals in monasteries, Wanla Leh India
Rituals in monasteries, Wanla Leh India

The surrounding weather should sing the songs of calmness. You are not here to mark a monument but to experience the cultural interaction. The same happens when you land at Leh airport. You feel the cultural difference at its extreme. 7 months in a year, the life is beyond the bearable state due to the harsh cold season yet the localities seem content. When you explore the reason, it is due to the immense calmness in mind. For two days, you floats in cold desert. You explore the beauty at its extreme. Till then you are mostly absorbed into the cultural fragrance of Ladakh. Such life is documented in 1860 by a British col. F.Knight while expediting in Kashmir & Ladakh.

The expedition through the nearby villages in Leh would be four days. Every days you explore the culture.

Daily walks average approximately eight to 12 kilometres (4-5 hrs walk) and include a good dose of downtime. Highlights include walks in nearby Leh villages, monasteries, hemis national parks and much more flora & fauna.

Best for: Avid walkers, buddhist culture lovers, nature walkers, food lovers.

Don’t miss: The Leh city tour, cold desert, local markets.

Top Tip: Tap your expert guides for additional recommendations on what to see and do in your leisure time.

Details: Eight -night breaks from USD 1,252 pp include airport transfer in Leh, accommodation, yoga teacher, guides, excursions and walks.

From May 15, 2018  https://www.evergreenadcon.com/tour/yoga_meditation_trekking_retreat_leh/

About the author: Bhupendra Sharma is founder & promoter of Evergreen Adventures. He has been organizing the adventures tours for more than 5 yrs.



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