As an organization, we formally adopt the Values Statement declared by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) & ATOAI (India). The ATOAI is an organization that facilitates member operators for the responsible and sustainable development of the adventure travel industry.
This statement means that each component of your trip has been well researched and chosen to support our commitment to giving back and providing you with a great adventure. We promote “Leave No Trace” principles in our choice of accommodations and our waste management, minimizing impact at any sites or communities visited.

The following are the key points in our philosophy:

  1. We organize small group tour only to have less impact on local flora and fauna as well as community.
  2. Our founder’s previous experience with tribal community makes us to assess the need of community and how we can support for betterment of their life.
  3. We assure the service provider receives fair rates for their services.
  4. We encourage our staff and service provider to respond local community, having consideration of their
    religious and social beliefs.
  5. We provide our clients with detailed trip notes having all the vital information prior to start the tour