Adorable and Joyous Motorcycling Holidays in India

In fact; motorcycling holidays is far different from any other holidaying tour. While meeting and hosting the riders from the different countries, I knew about their expectations during the tour. I asked Andrew, one of the rider why to opt Indian Motorcycling Holidays as in Australia, you have a lot of terrains.

Interacting with riders

The same question, I asked while confirming one rider from the United Kingdom. You know the response what I receive. Some times it is to explore new destinations or it is economical to explore Indian holidays or they have their forefather roots in this land. The reasons would be limitless but the result must be an enthralling experience in a Safe & Guided Adventure. It is not my intention to under estimate the other countries motorcycling holidays but it is an effort to show the highlights of Indian Motorcycling Holidays. In every tour, I don’t have much time to explore the natural beauty as me and team be busy in managing everything minutely. And mostly our riders tell us about the unique thing they like, as it is their hard earned money what they expense.

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There are some riders who come to India; solely for motorcycling holidays but most commonly the riders also include other destinations also. It is obvious also to explore a little more. India is the largest democracy in the world & a break though international markets for mega companies.

Motorcycling Holidays & Different Weather

It has been more than five years that I have been organizing adventure tours for foreign nationals. Still I could not understand the pattern of holidays booking. There would be a lot of studies, conducted in a confined environment to assess the pattern of international holidays. But in real it does not go in that way. The summer motorcycling holidays has much opportunities to explore Terrain himalayen. Even the roads will be accessible and more places to stay and eat. En-route there will be neither crowd nor hustle-bustle.

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The Riders experience

You can expect a comfortable stay and good food when you plan your holidays, well in advance. Precisely, the himalayen route remains open May – early July & Sept to October. In winter, a rider can opt other plain north indian states i.e. rajasthan, gujraat etc. The roads are good to drive but sometimes riders feel that 500 CC motorcycle gets suffocated while driving over 120 km/hr speed. Royal enfield 500 cc is cruise type motorcycle but you can not compare it harley or bmw. This motorcycle is a best performer as per the indian roads.

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To test and explore the Himalaya and Indian motorcycling tours at the utmost, plan this summer your adventurous holidays with us.

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Bhupendra Sharma
Bhupendra Sharma

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Bhupendra Sharma is founder & promoter of Evergreen Adventures. He has been organizing the adventures tours for more than 5 yrs.

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