Winter Adventurous Holidays In India – 2019

Winter Adventure Holidays In India

Winter in India is not uniform due to the different geography. The temperature ranges from -20 degree Celsius to a comfortable temperature of 20 degree Celsius. When you think about winter adventure holidays in India; especially some destination in north India, then you enjoy chilled winter and while in the south, you feel comfortable temperature due to sea. There are many good destinations, you can have in your bucket list depending upon the adventure level, time, budget etc.


A North Indian state: It is a truth that now a days the landscape of all the cities around the world is changing following to new architectures. Whether it is europe or middle east or india, you can see the same changing pattern. Meanwhile during the same time, local authorities are preserving the heritage building / cultures. The best season to visit Rajasthan is Nov to March. You can explore Rajasthan in a luxuries way or in adventurous way.
There is some kind of talisman, still attracts to visitors to explore something new. A part of Thar Desert, these cities offer a magical experience. Jaisalmer is known as living fort of rajasthan as still native live in the fort area.

How to reach:

Nearest airport is Sanganer International Airport which has good connectivity to Dubai airport.


Now a days the trend of winter vacation is changing. There reasons behind are good connectivity to New Delhi airport and serene life of Leh. Though Leh is good to visit throughout the year but in winter season, you can do a walk on the frozen river.

How to reach there:

The Leh is connected to New Delhi international airport having good flight connectivity.

Himachal Pradesh:

If you are thinking adventure in a different way then possibly Himachal must be in TO DO list. There are lot of reasons to explore old India-Tibetan highway roads. The Winter Adventurous Holidays In India also include more than one week expedition. You explore less commercialized the Spiti valley.

How to reach there:

The nearest airport is Kullu-Manali airport in Bhunter.

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