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Internet: An Ocean of Information

The motive behind this article is not to promote any specific country or destination but to evaluate the thinking process before you swipe your credit card for online booking or offline purchase. Now again I am not supposed to recite the endless benefits of internet searches. My daughter; she is in V std. and she is also aware about the internet searches. You or me or anyone who is in need of gathering information about any particular subject; he can do it by investing time & energy.

The point is how to verify that information as you are not known to the authority of content. I also asked some of westerners tourist who joined adventure tour with us about the reason to opt us. Surprisingly every person was responding in different way. One told that she noted info from lonelyplanet.com resource book. Seems to be great. There are many blogs and books available; that are sufficient for virtual tour in your mind.

In continuation; there are various survey agencies who conduct basic sample survey then interpolate and extrapolate the date to create new domain set or precisely some trends. World’s adventure travel market; a new type of travel if compared to traditional travel:

The Global Adventure Tourism Market was valued at $444,850 million in 2016, and is projected to reach $1,335,738 million in 2023. An unknown study showed that 52% adventure traveler belong to EU, England etc.

There are many destinations; that you can opt as per holidays. This may be one of it – Spain, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali etc.

Indian Adventure Travel

Further if I concise the discussion to India; following graph says more about that.

A Practical Approach To Choose Your Holidays

Do you think that there may be standardized method to find an operator? Do you believe in deals? Or you believe in some experience!!

If I am talking about talking about trekking then in mountainous destination; you find a lot of operators. Now here is a point; choose some certified tour operator. This assures that they are following minimal requirement. I’ve experienced in my previous tours that travelers don’t carry adventure category insurance; ideally you should do this.

In 2018; I hosted a group of 5 EU adventure travelers but they didn’t have adventure category insurance; then without disclosing them I insured them; ultimately I was helping myself.

What kind of adventure; do you prefer?

It is totally your call; your discretion to opt any kind of adventure. But always choose a niche category adventure trip. That will boost your enthusiasm and zeal.

Which operator to opt; from home country or from India?

Either you choose your home country tour organizer or India based organizer; again it is your discretion. I would like to share some insights; mostly the destination based tour organizers who have the team on site. They work in B2B format; means you opt any operator or OTA; they will conduct the tour.

Only you have to assure about the standard safety procedure.

What is the best season for adventure travel to India?

Really I’m also little bit perplexed about this point. Mostly the adventure travelers arrive in start of summer. The weather on mountains are good. But during last 2-3 years, I received queries about Yoga Trekking retreat in December month as every time I said; sorry not available.. wait for 3 months.

Now mostly; you can find some winter wild life safaris or retreats in winter also.

What is the trend of adventure activities in the last 5-10 years, and what activities are most popular currently?

As I told in above paragraph, the niche category activities are more popular; now a days. The trekking along with cultural activities are most popular.

So I think this little but concise info may be worthy for you when you plan your next adventure.

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Bhupendra Sharma is founder & promoter of Evergreen Adventures. He has been organizing the adventures tours for more than 5 yrs.

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