Tracing of Secrets – Adventure Holidays & Mythologies In India

Social Gathering in a village, Leh India

Tracing of Secrets – Adventure Holidays & Mythologies In India

“Please say more in details, while talking about the travel experience.” Dan told me. Dan is my friend who is from Ireland and living in Dubai for last 8 years. Actually the world revolves around the fantasy stories whether these are fiction or based on mythological stories. All of us know J K Rowling; a completely & unbelievable fantasy world. The result was an immense readerships turning in millions. But do not mix the term occult and secrets as both are completely different. Whatever happening in present is an experience and to know about the past is a part of secret. Now it depends upon the person that upto what extend it takes to discover the past.

Few years ago I also heard that some most hollywood actors and even though one social media founder came to India in search of self realization. They all actually lived in some Ashram located in Himalayan North Indian State. If I continue to dig and collect information in such a way then it will become an endless story. Now I recapture the adventure holidays scenario what I felt while be on adventure holidays. All of all; it is only your curiosity that drives you to discover and every place is embedded with some interesting stories.

Secret For Happiness 

In Fact; there is no clear definition of happiness means it is a relative terminology. When you land at Leh airport and moving around the Leh city then you feel the same. While during the expedition, you discover the habitants of villages and their zealness towards life.

mural art rajasthan
rajasthan indian adventurous holidays

The land is not so productive and they survive though the very marginal productivity. The religion keep them to rolling forward in life. Even in the villages; you can interact among the people and you don’t disturb the flora and fauna of that particular area.

You observe the living; very closely. Now a days the locals are much open hearted towards foreigners. Even though you can try some culinary techniques in the kitchen.

One Country & Many Cultures 

Further to your journey; you have a clear mind set of self realization; a retaliation to your past experiences. Mostly foreigners flying to India by the mean of worth while holidaying plan exactly to have some lessons in KARMA YOGA. Eventually this has developed a good business opportunity also for many people. I am also keen to know that what kind of experience it will be afterwards. In the world, there are several occult science practices which describe the incident in different ways. Now it depends upon you which way to go. It is undoubtedly an effort to keep our life as simple as possible but the things don’t go smoothly means where is the obstruction. In India; you can see many different religion and their beliefs. I prefer Meditation & Yoga both for an explicit life.

Possibilities of Self Exploration

“O’ Man; please don’t confuse me saying all the irrelevant stuff” Dan mumbled. “Is it necessary to spend hundreds of dollars for exploring self in India; the same I can do else” he continued. I told him; yes indeed you can do what you say but this will be more realistic and charming.

indian adventurous holidays
indian adventurous holidays

Nowadays we are able to have the services and facilities in our cities; thanks to globalization and commercialization but to taste it in meaningful and worthwhile way; you must plan to India, once. In this era where most cities are having more or less same infrastructures and problems then you should visit some place where the time is moving in a slow pace. Just forget the usual life for some time and live it in a non-fancy way.

Duration of Indian Holidays 

There is no law for your or mine holidays duration. It ranges from 1 days to several days. Last time when I went to Leh and Pushkar; there were some people who had been staying there for more that 4 months. But I feel the ideal holidays should be at-least 8-12 days. This is enough time for short duration holidays and quality stay as money matters. Now the choices are up to you for better selection of holidays.

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