Motorcycling Holidays In India: Encountering The Terraneous Geography


In last few years the motorcycling tourism has increased exponentially. In 1980’s the limited Himalayan area was known to the rest part of the world in terms of motorcycling. As the infrastructure was not so strong due to the multi- seasons around the year. It is not like that the destinations were not approachable but the consumption of time was a considerable factor. Moreover, motorcycling tourism has for a long time been not entertained by regions and tourism professionals who had a negative image of motorcycles and motorcyclists.  Now the scenario has changed completely due to globalization and efficient connectivity around the globe.

Now this tourism is not limited to seasoned motorcyclists but open for any riders from any part of the world who has intermediate motorcycling driving skills. The reasons are, the tourism companies are focusing on guided motorcycling tour. That means a rider need not to search country ways. And the other reason is that a rider need not carry his excess baggage. The required amenities are available at
affordable price on pre – booked tours.

I have seen some different booking trends while organizing the motorcycling holidays. Mostly the riders come to India to explore the nature while doing riding. It is much different than the other tourism based activities.

Enthusiasm level

It all starts while a rider books his tour. The riders would be full of energy and mesmerizing encounter to the culture. There are certain tips that a rider should consider before booking any motorcycling holidays in India. Mostly the companies provide Royal Enfield 500 CC standard and Royal Himalayan 410 CC model. If a rider is around 6 feet tall then Royal Enfield 500 CC is a good option. Else Royal Himalayan 410 is a good option.

A rider may more by following this Motor Vehicle Fines about the penalties on wrong motoring on roads.

Risk Factors

Certainly there are risks while a rider drive motorcycle. The organizer minimizes such kind of risks. The roads are good but somewhere you may ride broken patches.  “Driving a motorcycle requires much greater skill than driving a car, and for many bikers testing their own driver skills is a very motivating challenge “(Walker, 2010: 148). The stunning landscape sometimes induces a rider to deviate his attention. So a rider should be more careful. The weather changes rapidly in the Himalayan destination. So a rider should not be panic about that. The average motorcycling distance happens around 80-120 kms in a day. This is a typical but not identical for all the routes.

No need to say, but it is a must. Mostly the riders ride wearing all the gears but a rider should listen the instructions carefully.

Every motorcycling holiday must offer a rider a quality landscape. Motorcycling holiday is not about the destination. It is about to take the road, to eat and more importantly to live it.  Sometimes a little comfort gives you immense pleasure during the journey. Adventure Motorcycling is nothing; it is a sense.

Motivation & Market Segment

Driving a motorcycle (individually or in group) is an essential motivation of motorbike tourism. It often means to travel hundreds or even thousands kilometers, for the sake of “having done it”. It sometimes means driving in very difficult conditions, on iconic roads or towards iconic destinations, simply to meet other bikers. The book “Himalaya by Bike: by Laura Stone A Route And Planning Guide For Cyclists And Motor Cyclists” illustrate this search for the pleasure of driving in the motorcycle tourism in India.

The market for motorcycle tourists has also drawn the attention of some big names in hospitality. Ministry of tourism, India also published a detailed guideline for Motorcycling Holidays In India. In recent years, mostly the adventurous motorcyclist come from around the globe. Mostly the riders come from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Malaysia etc. The reasons behind choosing India as a favorite motorcycling destination are low cost of packages, variety of cuisine, multi cultural society, variety of landscapes.


Motorcycle holidays consist of a set of marginal practices. It is niche’ category and represents a very small part of the tourism market. There are no written reasons to go for a motorcycling holidays rather it is based on the destinations. It is based on its own tourism practices and habits.

Originally it developed as a self –  organized or less structured tourism but now it evolved self in a  structured, well organized tourism due to government policies and safety issues.

There is an opportunity to capture this niche’ category market. This is not only for adventure but to generate local employment also but in a sustainable way.  There are following challenges as opportunities 

  • Market based segment that offers value added safe adventurous holidays to the specific interested clients;
  • Many European & other countries tour operator organizes the tour in a specific way. This increases the competition and this motivates the tour organizers to show their abilities to organize motorcycling holidays in India in an innovative way;
  • This market develops as adventure willing riders who want to experience an adventurous holidays but don’t want to arrange logistics, motorcycles, necessary permissions at their own. Now one step ahead is about the luxury adventurous motorcycling holidays in India.

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Bhupendra Sharma is promoter of Evergreen Adventures. He has been organizing the adventures tours for more than 5 yrs.

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