Yogitation & Yoga Ventures Holidays in India May 2018


Yogitation & YogaVentures Holidays

To explore something, beyond the limit is always an interesting attributes of human nature as yogitation i.e. yoga & meditation. Though you are not an archeologist or geologist but such kind of exploration makes more live with you when you are away certain type of pollution. Even no one is having concern about it, which is ‘Light Pollution’. Please don’t confused between ‘Darkness’ and ‘Under the shadow of Stars’, both are having different meanings/ interpretation in our life. Meanwhile you have developed a reason for your outing from daily routine life to fill you with something new. Though you anticipate the results as you might’ve spent many hours in google to sharp your acumen for the trip you decide. But I prefer something else in deciding my holidays. That’s what I’m getting back when I do the specific option for Holidaying’.

True Story:

The same desire and hunger for exploration sparked an Idea to have a trip. It brought ‘Revya’ & ‘A.Brch’ from the Netherland to India. The climate is getting little bit colder and still it is not snowfall but the winds are lifting us backward. Yogitaion and Yogaventure are mixed form of adventure that is customized according to the need & fitness of your body. They, not only explored the cultural interaction, trekking in less explored area but also more than that Specific Authentic Indian Yoga Sessions during multi days activities.

Food & Life:

Freshly cooked food in locally produced spices, permeate with fragrance the food so tasty. The experience what they had, was quite good and they spent their days and night in exploring Himalayan areas and gossiping with group members under the shadow of stars. Specialty Adventures is not a new term but it depends what type of value addition was done to get the best out of your tour. In any tour your memory records every moment and we strive out our best to explore the every moment at a great extent. Our local knowledge and team competence is rugged in completing the tour with ‘Safety’ & ‘Responsibly’. For more please write me: bsharma@evergreenadcon.com  or visit www.evergreenadcon.com

About the author:

Bhupendra Sharma is founder & promoter of Evergreen Adventures. He has been organizing the adventures tours for more than 5 yrs.

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